Civil Engineering Testing Equipment
VJ Tech Ltd. Soil, rock, concrete, cement, asphalt and aggregate testing equipment.。
Matest S.p.A. Soil, rock, concrete, cement, asphalt and aggregate testing equipment.。
Geokon, Inc. Vibrating Wire Sensors and Data Loggers.
Sinorock Technology Co., Ltd. Pile Testing, Borehole TV Tester and Vibration Tester.
Testometric Co. Ltd. Universal Testing Machine.
TDG Shake Tables, Earthquake Simulator, Structural Health Monitoring Instruments.

Medical Instruments
Planer Plc Controlled rate freezers and vessels, storage software, monitoring, alarms and web enabled laboratory equipment.
MVE Biological Solutions Liquid nitrogen storage freezers and vessels.
Cryo Bio System Equipment, consumables and storage management system for the cryopreseration of biological samples.
Quantum Cryogenics Cryogenic monitoring and temperature monitoring systems.
Custom BioGenic Systems Liquid Nitrogen freezer racks, canisters, frames and dividers.
Thermoline Water Baths, Refrigerators and Incubators.
Day-Impex Ltd. Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Flask, Autimicrobial Handsoap and Anti-viral Barrier Hand Cream.
Analox Sensor Technology Laboratory Gas Detection.

HVAC, Occupational and IAQ Instruments
Casella UK Environmental monitoring equipment and indoor air quality instruments.
TSI Airflow Air pressure, velocity and flow measurement instruments.
TSI Airpro Wireless air pressure, velocity and flow measurement instruments.
TSI Alnor Air pressure, velocity and flow measurement instruments.
Comdronic Ltd. Electronic manometer for differential pressure.
Cirrus Research Plc Sound Level meter.
Greisinger Digital Thermometer, Humidity Meter, PH/Redox Meter and Material Moisture Meter.
E-Instruments IAQ Meter and Combustion Gas Analyzer.
Kyoritsu Multimeter, Earth Tester, Insulation Tester and Multi Function Tester.
Poddymeter Ltd. Pressure and Flow Measurement Instruments.

Engineering Training Equipment
LD Didactic Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology Teaching Product.
Bytronic International Limited Training apparatus for the areas of Electrical, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, Mechatronicsm Automation, Manufacturing Process, Process Control and Control System.
Feedback Instruments Limited Training apparatus for the areas of Electricity & Electronics, Control & Instrumentation, Process Control, Mechatronics, Telecommunications, Electrical Power & Machines and Test & Measurement.
P.A. Hilton Limited Training apparatus for the areas for Steam, Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Air Conditioning,Refrigeration, Building Services and Combustion.
Terco AB Training apparatus for the areas of Power System, Electrical Machines, Transmission Line & Transformer & Protection, Electrical Installation and Power Distribution systems.
Edibon Training apparatus for the areas of Aerodymanics, Fluid Mechanisc, Thermodynamics, Modular Energy, Materials Testing & Properties, Structures, Electrical Engineering and Control.
Boxford Holding Ltd. 3D machinery for schools. colleges and universities.

Sensors and Data Loggers
Micro-Measurements Strain Gages, Strain Gage Instrumentation for static and dynamic load conditions, data logging and data analysis. Photoelastic Strain/Stress analysis with two and three dimensional models.

StrainBlog™ - an online community for everyone involved in the high-precision measurement of stress and strain.
Applied Measurements Limited Transducers and sensors for pressure, force, load, torque and displacement.
Dacell Company Limited Transducers for measurement of load and torque.
AEP Transducers Load Cell, Pressure Transducer, Displacement Transducer and Instrument.
Greentech I & C Data logger and strain amplifier.
Temperature Technology Wired/Wireless Temperature loggers.
Lascar Electronics WIFI Data loggers for temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide.

H. Tinsley & Company Limited Precision electrical measuring instruments, resistance standards and transformer coil test equipment.
Opus Metrology Limited Blocks gauges, length bars and optical parallels etc.
Phoenix Tribology Limited Friction and lubrication testing equipment.
Kilns & Furnaces Limited Pottery kilns & accessories.
Nabertherm Electrical Furnaces & Kilns.