Harvey, Main and Company Limited

"Harvey, Main & Co., Ltd." was established in 1933. We are supplier of medical instruments, engineering training equipments and professional testing instruments, with ability to provide pre-sales and after sales services.

We represent a number of companies from different countries, the product range including university level teaching equipments, civil engineering testing equipments, environmental protection instruments and laboratory equipments. We also provide professional consultant and maintenance services.

Our customers come from academy, accredited laboratories, architectural companies, industries and government departments etc.

Contact Information
Address: Unit 4, 22/F, Two Portside, 9 Pat Tat St., San Po Kong, Kln., HK
TEL:(852) 2528-1486
FAX:(852) 2527-5907
Whatsapp: (852) 6346-2771 (Text messages only)
WeChat: (852) 6346-2771