Distributing Brands

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Sensors and Data Loggers
Micro-MeasurementsUSAStrain Gages, Strain Gage Instrumentation for static and dynamic load conditions, data logging and data analysis. Photoelastic Strain/Stress analysis with two and three dimensional models.

StrainBlog™ - an online community for everyone involved in the high-precision measurement of stress and strain.
Applied Measurements LimitedUKTransducers and sensors for pressure, force, load, torque and displacement.
Dacell Company LimitedSouth KoreaTransducers for measurement of load and torque.
AEP TransducersItaly Load Cell, Pressure Transducer, Displacement Transducer and Instrument.
Greentech I & CSouth KoreaData logger and strain amplifier.
Temperature TechnologyAustraliaWired/Wireless Temperature loggers.
Lascar ElectronicsUKWIFI Data loggers for temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide.